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1st Alchemy Companion Julienne: How to fix problems with Mystina and the extra one


Having trouble getting Mystina’s approval and finding the extra companion? I’m going to show you how to solve the issues on this page. I’m the author of the mod who made it about 10 years ago.


As I mentioned in the description at Nexus when I uploaded it again, I’m no longer a modder of any game. I forgot how to mod soon after I stopped modding Oblivion, and hadn’t had a good computer that could handle the strain of video games today like Oblivion and Skyrim. But recently, I finally got a decent computer and to feel nostalgic for the modding days, I started playing Oblivion with my favorite mods including mine.

Downloading mods on the web, surprisingly, I saw some people still having posted questions about my mod, saying like “Mystina won’t take my black soul gem even though it’s filled,” “How do I find the extra companion?,” “Who’s the author? Never heard of or found his/her name on the forum, even on the web,” … etc

I know that Oblivion and its mods are now outdated, and I’m sure almost nobody’s playing Oblivion with my mod installed, but some may try playing Oblivion to feel nostalgic like me, and a few of them might use my mod. So, just in case, as the author of the mod, I hereby answer them all. No longer able to mod, I think I remember some and I can help.

Okay, so much for introduction. Here we go.

Never heard of the author’s name

‘PaleOrchid’ is a new account I got in order to re-upload the mod two years after I left the community. It’s natural that nobody has ever heard of the name. I had been modding via another account. That’s all.

Mystina won’t take my black soul gem

This is my fault. Mystina only takes a certain black soul gem. Namely the one whose ID on CS is ‘BlackSoulGemFilled’. If you bring another type of black soul gem, she gets mad, saying “Bullshit!”. As a matter of fact, when I was testing her behavior, I put the type of black soul gem in the basement of Julienne’s shop to skip the process, and fortunately left it unremoved. This means, it’s still there. You can take and bring it to her for her approval.

As to how to enter the basement, I’d like to refer you to the images below. They explain it all. In case you don’t understand, there is a trapdoor to the basement near Diane’s desk. If you stand just behind her, you will see it. You won’t miss it. On entering the basement, you will see just in front of you, a suspicious table where some unholy experiment has been done. You will also see a barrel near the table. Behind it lies a black soul gem. It’s the very one Mystina wants. See the images below for the detail.



How do I find the extra companion?

The extra companon is the one who uses the basement for her study of unholy magic. Catch her red-handed, and she will offer her help in return if you promise to keep it secret. The necromancer stays there from 3:00 am till 4:00 am. I recommend you come to the shop before 3:00 am and kill time there. Shortly, you will see the person show up and enter the basement. Again, you need to catch her red-handed. Don’t rush till she goes down there. One last thing, I don’t think you are, but should you ever be so very stupid to tell her you’re going to report it to the shop owner, I don’t suppose you will ever see the sunlight again…lol


That’s it. Thank you so much for enjoying my mod.