1st Alchemy Companion Julienne for Oblivion [v7.0] [Latest]

This file is an upgraded version of 1st Alchemy Companion Julienne. Why the new version now? Recently, I started a new game with this mod installed. While enjoying the game, I thought that there was some room for improvement.

I happen to be the author who created this mod about 10 years ago. I fixed the problems and added some new features using the Construction Set. That’s why the new version is here, although it took some time to remember how to mod. I know that Oblivion and its mods are now out-of-date, but if you are still playing Oblivion, please give this mod a try.


The latest version provides two more companions and some features besides the original ones. You can check the manual in the old package for detailed information about all the old features, but I think that most of you will get bored of reading.

I have written down everything on an in-game book so that you can access necessary information anytime while playing. In the first run of this mod, the book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’ is added to your inventory. Open your inventory and read the Quick Instruction section of the book, and you will learn the summery of this mod. You only have to read other sections when the need arises.

The improvement and addition are as follows, but you can also check them in the readme and the in-game manual. If you would like to get the file first and check the information later, click here to download.

Addition 1: Combat Training


Melissa the assassin now offers combat training. Her training is real combat with practice gear, where you can gain EXP as in real fight. You can ask her to train you in the Tactics topic. For further information, see ‘Combat Training’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Addition 2: Build Your Troop


Now available are powers that allow you to command NPCs. You can now ask any NPC to join your journey. You can also trade with any NPC. For further information, see ‘Build Your Troop’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Addition 3: Reference Books


Books about skill trainers and black soul gems are now available. As you know, the information is accessible on the web, but I thought it would be best to have in-game books about the locations of skill trainers and black soul gem altars. The books can be found in a chest on a table upstairs in Julienne’s shop.

Addition 4: New Difficulty Options


You now have new difficulty options, where you can choose level restriction and daily allowance at the same time.

Addition 5: Morale


Daily allowance now raises companions’ morale, making them more reliable combatants. For further information about how it works, see ‘Morale’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Addition 6: Extra Followers


Besides Julienne and her friends, the latest version adds two potential companions (Noire and Amaranth). They are just ordinary adventurers with no special talents or services. Their skills are mediocre, but you can ask their help anytime, regardless of the difficulty setting. If you would like ordinary people as your allies rather than talented ones, these new companions are for you. For further information, see ‘Extra Followers’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Addition 7: Extra Vendor


Besides Julienne’s Alchemy shop, the latest version adds one vendor, who does business near the entrance of the Imperial City Arena. The new vendor Amyris has no merchandise and never re-stocks any new goods.

Yes, she is a vendor who only buys your goods. Her container (merchant container in the CS) doesn’t have the re-spawn attribute. This means that whatever you sell becomes her merchandise and never disappears. You can buy back whatever you’ve sold, anytime you like.

In your journey, you get a lot of junk to sell for septims, but have you ever wanted to buy back something, or wanted to store something for later use? That’s why her shop exists. It’s as if you had Boltac Trading Post in your Cyrodiil. You’ve never heard of that name? Please google it if you are interested, and you will know what I mean. You can also discard all her merchandise anytime you like, in case her inventory with too many items irritates you too much. Don’t you think it’s a little convenient?

But be warned. In the interest of game balance, she drives a hard bargain with her Master Mercantile skill, just like Boltac. Use her shop wisely. One last thing, she is also an adventurer like Noire and Amaranth who are mentioned in the previous section. You can invite her to your journey if her disposition is high enough (95 or higher). She also offers combat training as Melissa does. For further information, see ‘Extra Vendor’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Addition 8: New Horses


Two immortal horses with water-walking ability are now available. I thought that the hero deserved this small convenience, but if you don’t like it, please ignore the horses. For further information, see ‘Quick Instruction’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.


Thanks to the native English speakers mentioned in the credit section of the old version, most lines of the characters had already been revised about 10 years ago. There was no need to revise them again. Some books and scrolls, however, needed revising because they had remained as I wrote. My English 10 years ago was so terrible that those books and scrolls could be even confusing. I have revised them all myself. My English is still not good enough, but I hope that they are now a little better.



The old versions had already provided crystals that teleport your follower to your current location, but the latest version provides keys with the same effect as well. The crystals work perfectly, but they have a flaw that they belong in the Miscellaneous section, which often makes you sell them accidentally when you are selling Misc goods to merchants. Now that you have the keys with the same effect, you don’t need to worry about that any longer.

Optional Feature 1: Oblivion Follower Fix

The original Oblivion provides several followers by default such as the Adoring fan, the Dark Brotherhood new recruits and the Arcane University apprentices, but as you know, they are too weak to survive your journey together. In short, quite useless, if I may say so. I suppose that most of you are just ignoring them, but wouldn’t it be nice if they get a little stronger? I tweaked their level, skills and equipment in the CS to make them good enough, and created a new esp file.

If you want this fix, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.

Optional Feature 2: Larger Soul Gems


This file contains a small mod ‘Larger Soul Gems.esp’ which makes the capacity of all soul gems 400% larger and the enchant limit 20% higher. They cost, however, five times as much in the interest of game balance. You need to pay much more money when you buy soul gems at shops, while they give much more profit when looted from containers.

If you would like this fix, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it. If you are already using a mod that edits soul gem capacity, deactivate it or put this file after it in the load order.

Optional Feature 3: Skill Advancement Fix

This file contains another small mod that improves skill advancement. In the unmodified game, your Destruction, Restoration, Marksman, Security, Acrobatics and Armorer improve too slow, unless you try hard to gain EXP for the skills by repeating an associated action so many times. On the other hand, your Alchemy improves too quickly. This file simply fixes the nonsense: some skills improve more quickly, and Alchemy a little slower.

  • Destruction and Restoration now gain as much EXP per casting as Mysticism and Illusion.
  • Marksman now gains four times as much EXP per hit as Blade. It’s because I think that you can wield your sword no less than four times while you draw your bow, aim a target and release an arrow.
  • Security now gains as much EXP per action as Speechcraft. Considering that these skills are for some kind of mini games, I think that you should gain the same amount of EXP per game.
  • Acrobatics now simply gains three times as much EXP per jumping and falling because I find it absurd that careful players gains very little EXP and you need to hurt yourself on purpose for EXP by jumping off a cliff so many times.
  • Armorer now gains twice as much EXP per action, and Alchemy, less EXP to a point where it gains the same amount of EXP per action as Armorer. Considering that these two are some kind of crafting skills, I think that you should gain the same amount of EXP per action.

If you want this fix, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.

This mod is compatible with popular leveling system mods such as Kobu’s Character Advancement System and Smarter Mercantile Leveling because it only modifies the amount of EXP you gain per action, not modifying the leveling system at all. I’ve had no problem so far in my actual use. But if you use this mod among them, I recommend that you put this mod after them in the load order, just in case.

Optional Feature 4: Patient Tutors


In the unmodified game, you can only get training five times per level, which often urges you to take lessons of unnecessary skills just because you don’t want to lose the chances.

The Patient Tutors mod simply eliminates the inconvenience. You can get training 2000 times per level, which means that you can take lessons of any skill anytime you feel like it. It costs, however, five times as much in the interest of game balance. For instance, you need to pay 1,000 septims for training that would otherwise cost 200 septims.

If you want this fix, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.

Optional Feature 5: Not Very Fast Travel (Care must be taken!)


This file contains another small mod ‘Not Very Fast Travel’ which removes your Fast Travel ability…permanently! With this file installed, you will no longer be able to fast-travel from anywhere. You can only travel on foot and on horseback.

I think that this kind of restriction sounds like unnecessary inconvenience to most players, but I’ve found that if you can fast-travel without any restriction, you will probably frequent some places you consider the most useful such as the IC Market. And you will end up visiting only some part of the vast world, no matter how many times you start a new game. To prevent it, this file is here.

Of course, this file doesn’t only give the inconvenience but some benefits. While you suffer the inconvenience, your Stamina and Magicka regenerate 50% faster in return. Perhaps, it’s because of moderate exercise in fresh air and fragrance of wild flowers?

If you want to use this feature, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.

Once this mod is installed, you will be unable to fast-travel permanently in the playthrough from any place you visit. Even after it’s uninstalled, you will still be unable to fast-travel from any location you’ve visited with it activated. I strongly recommend you only use this file when you start a new playthrough where you will never think of fast-traveling again.

Optional Feature 6: Necessary Luxury


In Cyrodiil, you can rest at hotels and inns as in real life, some of which are really comfortable places to stay in, but actually, who would use them when you can restore your Health, Magicka and Stamina for free by simply waiting? To fix the nonsense, this mod adds a bonus for resting in bed at hotels and inns. With this mod installed, resting in bed for several hours gives you a small regeneration bonus to your Health, Magicka and Stamina for a short time.

If you want to use this feature, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.

Optional Feature 7: Crimes and Punishments


In Cyrodiil, you can get away with murder if only you pay 1,000G. It’s absurd. Cyrodiil needs severe punishments against dirty criminals. This mod modifies the amount of fines as follows:

  • Assault: 10,000 (+400 per attack)
  • Jail Break: 5,000
  • Murder: 100,000
  • Pickpocket: 2,500
  • Horse Rustling: 5,000
  • Trespassing: 2,500

What is worse (better to good citizens, right?), while you have a bounty on your head, people treat you as such: you will be suffering significant penalties to your Personality, Mercantile and Speechcraft. As long as you are a good citizen, you gain a small bonus to your Personality, Mercantile and Speechcraft in return. Interested?

If you want to use this feature, activate the esp as well as the main esp. If you don’t, please just ignore or delete it.


Click here to jump to the download page. Shortly, there will appear a button labelled ‘download (Japanese:ダウンロード)’. Click the button and your download starts. You don’t need to register to download the file.  Just close the registration form, and you will see the button for downloading.

Before Installation

If a previous version of this mod is installed, uninstall it (i.e. deactivate it and delete all its content) before installing the latest version (version 7.0). This file contains the old package (version 6.4) as is, in case some people prefer it, but there is no need to unzip/install it. Simply ignore or delete the old package if you will use the latest version.


Copy the following file(s) and folders into the “Data” folder [Oblivion/Data]. Activate the esp(s) as Data file(s) using OBMM or the Oblivion Launcher.


Oblivion Follower Fix.esp
Larger Soul Gems.esp
Skill Advancement Fix.esp
Patient Tutors.esp
Not Very Fast Travel.esp
Necessary Luxury.esp
Crimes and Punishments.esp

Again, care must be taken in the implement of Not Very Fast Travel.esp! If you haven’t yet read the description about it, DO NOT USE IT.


In the first run of this mod, menus for settings automatically pop up. THESE POP-UP MENUS CONFLICT WITH OTHER POP-UP MENUS OF OTHER MODS such as ‘Smarter Mercantile Leveling’ and ‘Kobus Character Advancement System’. This mod is of course compatible with those mods, but do not install and set up this mod and those mods at the same time. Install and set up this mod before/after installing and setting up those mod.

If you have trouble getting the menus work or want to re-set options, use crystal(s) in Rogue’s Sack lying near the entrance of the Imperial Sewer, exactly where the game begins. Take a crystal and close the inventory, it soon works automatically (within 5 seconds). There is no need to click it in the inventory. If you wish to re-set two categories or more, I recommend taking one crystal and set up one by one, just in case. For further information about the crystals and their location, see ‘Quick Instruction’ in the in-game manual book ‘1st Alchemy Companion Julienne’.

Requirements & Conflicts

The latest version contains all the requirements. This mod might conflict with mods that edits Chorrol Wilderness cells, but hopefully, there will be no problem.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q1) Mystina won’t take my black soul gem!
A1) You can get detailed information here.

Q2) Where can I find the extra companion?
A2) You can get detailed information here.

Terms of Use

You shall accept and agree with the license and disclaimer below. By using this mod, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Use. If you use and/or redistribute any part of the version 6.4 package or older, you MUST give credit to all the people mentioned in the credit section of the version 6.4 package.


1) You CAN modify and redistribute the version 6.4 package or older.
2) You CAN use any part of the version 6.4 package or older to create your own mod.
3) You CAN modify the version 7.0 package (this file) for your personal use at your own risk.
4) You CAN NOT redistribute the version 7.0 package (this file) or any part of it, modified or not.

This package (version 7.0) is still a prototype, not tested thoroughly. I modified the main part of the mod in the interest of game balance, making it quite different from the old versions. It might cause unexpected problems. Please do not redistribute this package until it is tested thoroughly through my actual use and I allow redistribution explicitly. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.


I endeavor to keep my mods safe, but I make no warranties. Please backup your saved data files before installing this mod, and use it at your own risk. In no event shall I be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the use of this mod.


[Version 7.0]
Bethesda Softworks: TES IV: Oblivion, Construction Set
Everyone below: Content of the version 6.4
Amaranthine aka Quistena, Pela and PaleOrchid: The author (Me)

[Version 6.4]
Bethesda Softworks: TES IV: Oblivion, Construction Set
Electrovoice: revision, advice
Greenwarden: revision, advice
Acidoangel: Cute Elves
Babe: Babehair
Nami & I_Raim: bottles for bombs and alchemic ingredients
Ozmo: Indigo Armor
Petrovich: UFF Black Courtesan Dress
Ren: Ren Beauty Pack
The NifSkope Team: The Nifskope
Amane: test, support, idea
Catmagnet: test
Guabaman58: support, idea
Jackal32: bug report, idea
Jhorrie65: bug report, idea
Juna: support
LoRd KoRn: revision
PunisherX100: test, idea
Mbv: idea
Renga: bug report
Rpsnow: revision
Praecox: bug report
Sabya123: support
Sheppard (Treil829) : support
ShinraSoldiers3: bug report
Sir_Thomas: support
Usprivateer: support
XEN: revision
Amaranthine aka Quistena, Pela and PaleOrchid: The author (Me)

Many thanks to everyone of you.



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