Oblivion Masterpiece Equipment Collection Optimized [mod for Oblivion]

This mod is a compilation of popular weaponry created by talented modders. It adds hundreds of weapons, armor pieces and clothes to your world. I’m sure that there is no need to explain what a compilation is like. You know very well about how it works. This mod is, however, not just a compilation. You have to explore the vast world for what you want.


I think that most of you have no few mods installed in your Oblivion, and probably you have some favorite sets of weaponry. Most of the time, those goods will be very easy to obtain. Often sold by merchants at low prices, sometimes lying in unlocked chests, sometimes placed on streets. I know it’s their kindness. I appreciate it. I really do… but, I think that it could also ruin your experience at the same time.

If you can get your most favorite stuff easily anytime you like, everything else is nothing but junk. Who would try to put vanilla weapons to good use when cool and powerful stuff is available at A Fighting Chance? It’s pointless to raise the prices, because you will probably gather vegetables, create tons of Restore Fatigue potions, make money by selling them, purchase your very favorite, and end up using nothing else. Exploration is no longer fun. It’s only business for junk to sell.

Me? I travel around to find junk to sell, because my favorites are available at the IC Market and the March Rider in Cheydinhal if only I have necessary fund which is very easy to obtain. Within an hour after I get out of the sewer, I become a super hero in cool armor with a powerful sword. I don’t know a lot about you, but at least, I had always ended up like that. Please don’t say “Dude, it saves much more time if you type ‘Player.AddItem Gold001 99999’ via console.” That’s not the point.

I know everyone has their preference and I have no right to say anything about it, but I’ve wondered all along “Is there any better way to add new weaponry to the game?”

Alright, so what does this mod do?

Thank you for your patience. I’ll get to the point. This mod adds hundreds of goods to your world as I said, but you will rarely encounter them.

You can, however, encounter them everywhere in the world. Sometimes in a fort. Sometimes in a cave. Sometimes in ruins, although the chance is low. You may even see a merchant selling them by chance. You never know where you can find them. A rare weapon appears when you least expect it. Hence a rare weapon.

Of course, the higher your level, the better chance you have, just like popular overhaul mods such as Francesco and Immersive Weapons. When your level is 30 or higher, you have a fairly good chance of encountering those rare goods. The chance keeps getting better until your level reaches 50.

But don’t worry. It kills fun to know that you never encounter good weapons and armor until you reach a certain level. I know that. Although the chance is extremely low, you can encounter those rare goods even when your level is 1. Very unusual as it is, you could find a rare weapon right after you get out of the sewer.

You no longer have to create a lot of potions, cast unnecessary spells repeatedly or type ‘Player.SetLevel 50’ via console to gain levels for rare goods. Just enjoy exploring the beautiful world, travel around as you like, and be who you think you really are. Then, you may or may not encounter rare goods by chance. This is the difference between this mod and other overhaul mods.

If you like my idea, please give this mod a try. But if you don’t, I recommend you get and install the original files, most of which allow you to get everything easily.


I think that some of you are already getting worried about compatibility, like “Is it safe to use this mod with Francesco and Immersive Weapons?” “Sounds like this mod edits leveled item lists. But doesn’t it affect my world negatively?” Please don’t worry.

This mod is compatible with them. I’m a big fan of Fran and IW myself. This mod does NOT edit existing leveled item lists, but adds new ones, puts them into new containers, and places them in your world as new objects. Of course, an unexpected problem might happen. I can make no warranties, but hopefully, there will be no problem.

How powerful are they?

In the interest of game balance, most weapons and armor of this mod are a little more powerful than ebony weaponry, but less powerful than daedric. Only a few surpass daedric. Some are below ebony.

Extra Weapons & Armor Pieces

Besides the new weaponry created by modders, this mod adds a better version of iron, steel and silver weaponry as well. The ‘enhanced’ weaponry has the same quality as the glass. If the low damage output of those basic (but beautiful) weapons has discouraged you to use them all along, this enhanced version is for you.

This mod also provides a better version of leather, chainmail, mythril, iron and steel armor pieces. The ‘reinforced’ light armor pieces have the same quality as the glass. The ‘reinforced’ heavy armor pieces have the same quality as the ebony. If you like those basic (but beautiful) armor pieces, put this reinforced version to good use in your journey.

They appear in chests at enemy forts, caves and ruins along with the rare goods, if you are lucky. They are sometimes available at shops.

Extra Feature

You also have a chance of finding black soul gems, welkynd stones and varla stones in containers that this mod adds, although the chance is very low. Black sould gems can be found in every container; welkynd stones and varla stones can only be found in ayleid chests.

Lore Friendly?

I can’t say “Yes” or “No”. Some are very lore friendly; some may not at all. Please see the credit section below and judge by yourself. Although some may not fit in the world of Oblivion, I hope that they don’t completely ruin the atmosphere.

If you don’t like unrealistic stuff, I recommend you just sell all those goods to merchants without trying them on. Then, you won’t get offended, and at least you will get some septims for your endeavor.


Click here to jump to the download page. Shortly, there will appear a blue button labelled ‘download (Japanese:ダウンロード)’ in the center of the window. Click the button and your download starts. You don’t need to register to download the file.  Just close the registration form, and you will see the button for downloading.

How to Install

As always, put the following file and folders in your Oblivion/Data folder. Activate the esp file using the Oblivion Launcher or Oblivion Mod Manager.

  • Oblivion Masterpiece Equipment Collection Optimized.esp
  • Meshes
  • Textures


This mod already has HGEC Body meshes and textures in its folders so that you won’t have to get them by yourself. If you already have them in your Data folder, your system (or Oblivion Mod Manager) will say “The files already exist.” or something of the kind.

If CRCs match, it’s usually safe to overwrite, but just in case, I recommend you skip the process without overwriting. No matter how unusual it is, I don’t want to let my mod risk your system.

Terms of Use

You shall accept and agree with the license and disclaimer below. By using this mod, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Use.


Originally, I created this mod for my personal use by combining great modders’ creations. Since I only combined and tweaked their mods, I don’t think I have the right to give permission for modification and redistribution.

Although the original authors allow you to modify and redistribute their mod, which is why this mod is here, but please do NOT redistribute this file.

If you would like to use any part, please get original files, read their description by yourself, respect their wishes and use the resource at your own risk. You can check, in the credit section below, the names of the files used for creating this mod.


I endeavor to keep my mods safe, but I make no warranties. In no event shall I be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the use of this mod. Please use this mod at your own risk. It’s always best to back up your save files before installing new mods including mine.


I’m so very grateful to the modders for their generosity. Without them, this mod simply could not exist. All the credit goes to the great modders mentioned below.

Akaviri Imports by Nibato
Akemi Homura Armor by FLY
Ancient Guardian Robe by H.homura
Arming Sword by Moraelin
Armory of the Nordic Warrior by Pale_Rider
Athena Armor by Hentai
Black Dress by Nailflan
Battle China Dress by NPR
Berret by Retma
Black Courtesan Dress by Petrovich
Blue and White Outfit by Pilie and Myjimson
Brave Knight Armor by H.homura
Butterfly Widow by DFSL and Myrim
Celtic Swords by Edoc’sil
Chloe Outfits by FLY
Clothes of Priestess by Nailflan
Corset and Dress by Nailflan
Cute Dirndl by Nailflan
Cute Leather Dress by Nailflan
Damascended by DireStorms
Dark Lilith Armor by Hentai
Dark Rose Set by Hentai
Dark Sweet Dress by Nailflan
Dress in Chains by Nailflan
Eve’s Outfit by Hentai
Expanded Weaponry by Guinefort1
Faded Dress by Nailflan
Fascinating Soldier Clothes by Nailflan
Fiona Armor by NPR
Furu Furu Armor by NPR
Girlish Bare Shoulder Dresses by Miche
Gothic Knee Length Dress by Nailflan
FFT-Archer by Ran
Hana Dress by Hentai
Harvest and Melan Armor by Movomo
Healer’s Robes by Luna
Heilige Mutter Armor by NPR
HGEC Boots by Petrovich
HGEC Rogue Outfit by Zhu
Indigo Armor by Ozmo
Jabot Clothes by Nailflan
Juliet Uniform by Hentai
Lady Moon by Petrovich
Lily Rapier by Hentai
Little Carmine by N8K
Little Dress and Paddock Girl Clothes by Nailflan
Lore Friendly Elegance by Luna
Lovely Suits by Hentai
Maid Armor for BAB Mini-Compilation by AOTD3025
PE Dress for HGEC by Mudkips
Petal Dress by Nailflan
Pirates Outfits by Nailflan
Princess Line Dress by Nailflan
Puella Madoka Magicka Outfits by FLY
Pure Fantasy Mage Outfits by Sinblood
RoRoNa by Hepsy
Saber Clothes by Noah
Seraphim Blade by Hentai
Sneak Peek Bodysuit by Nailflan
Simple Dress by Hepsy
Snow Crystals Dress by Nailflan
Spear Set by Hel Borne
Stand Up Collar Dress by Nailflan
Summer Festa by Hentai
Sweet Clothes by Hentai
Turumakimaki by FLY
Uniform by Hentai
Western Armor by NPR

[Tools & Resources]
TES IV: Oblivion by Bethesda Softworks
Artifacts by Trollf
Avakiri Imports by Nibato and severian1981
BAB by The Bab Team & Bab Final Release Thread
BAB Armor and Clothes by Ceedee
Bare Shoulder Dresses by Retma
Cutlasses by TheCrazyZOne
Daedric Lord Armor by McMuffin
Defensive Staves by Kearsage
Fantasy Figures by Corwyn, Daede and Team FF
Gauntlets and Shirts by Exnem
HGEC by Exnem, RAIAR and Madcat221
Jake’s 2H Maces by VeraciousJake
Maid Armor by Retma
Maid Articles by Ryk
Maximum Compatibility Skeletons by Coronerra
Models of Tanto’s and Ninjatos by Cryo
BW Meshes and Textures by Hentai, Tona, Bisquits and AlienSlof
Mystic Mage by Xcommand
Mithril and Orcish Weapon Sets by Ionis
Nifskope by the Niftools Team
PE Dress by Backsteppo
Rogue Outfit by Exnem
Simple Dress Armor by Tona
Black Courtesan Dress by Sinblood
Parts of Staves by J3X, Jannix Quinn, Maddogs, Floydian1 and Kalia
Twohanded Maces by rdjeke

About the author

Perhaps, this is the first and last mod under the name of Cave Dweller. Usually, I’ve been modding under some other names, but this time, I chose this one for no particular reason. I hope you enjoy this mod.